About Us

Hello, and Welcome to CHI-CTY!

CHI-CTY is an online clothing brand based out of the Chicago, Illinois and we create different articles of clothing ranging from t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pants, etc. All apparel designs are personally created by us and are curated to our supporters. We offer a variety of styles to fit what makes you, YOU.
Currently, CHI-CTY is run by a guy with a dream. I am an aspiring graphic designer and business owner. This online clothing brand started as an idea rooted from the desire to represent my city, Chicago city (hence the name "CHI-CTY"). I wanted to create more unique and personal designs while representing the windy city. I also found myself watching drop-shipping videos and the trends that came from that. Though, I did not like the disconnect from the customers and the hyper-focus on profits while leaving quality in the dust. That is why I decided to create my own store where I can create a place where many Chicago residents like you can represent where they are from through more fashionable designs and casual wear that fits any outfit. I also created a way for you as a supporter to have direct access to contact me for any comments or concerns.
To be completely transparent, many stores you see will hide this from you. The clothing here is printed and packaged by a third party. Though, this is temporary while I build this company up in hopes of personally packaging each one of your orders! This DOES NOT mean the products you purchase now are low quality. Thousands of big companies have used these services for years. A biproduct of this is higher overall pricing because of services fees, etc. Though, I lower the prices as best as possible to create more affordable options for you whilst not compromising quality. I make sure I select the best quality products available by doing my own research and by sampling these products through day-to-day use. I communicate this with you to keep it real and so you know where you are truly getting your products from.
This is just the beginning of our journey and I cannot wait for what the future awaits! 


All Love! ❤️ - CHI-CTY